Act 1:

Prologue: At the piano
A Song for my piano

Scene 1: Gender Identity Center
What's wrong with me
Some things never change
I’m in it for good

Scene 2: Frank’s Tavern
For the best
Drinking song (Segue)
Secret emotions
All men want is S.E.X.
Dreaming again (Seque)

OPTIONAL: 90 Minute One Act
Act 2:

Scene 3: Online
The World Wide Web 
It’s a feeling

Scene 4: Denise's Residence
Only the lonely

Scene 5: Frank's Tavern

Scene 6Gender Identity Center

 Scene 7
: Online
Up to us (Seque)
Secret admirer

Scene 8: Gender Identity Center
In the harmony (Seque)
Why can't someone love me? (Seque)