April's Back Story

April grew up in a middle class family near Berkeley. She always knew she was different, but never told anyone about being transgender. She loves her family and friends and just wanted to fit in, but over the years she became more and more isolated and her parents started getting concerned when she stopped playing the piano and spent late nights on the internet. Then, as a sophomore in high school her mother inadvertently stumbled across several text messages and her stash of women's clothes. Later, April's parents confronted her and she broke down and told them everything. That's when her parents contacted Mark and the whole family started counseling sessions.

April hugging mom

She’s been transitioning for quite a while,but having a meaningful relationship with a man has never materialized. She became an expert with networking software on her own, but the motivation came from the desire to hide her personal identity on the web and there were plenty of geeks in the area to help her learn how to hack into just about anything connected to the internet. Fortunately, the effort turned into an associates degree in Computer Science and a high paying technology position in cloud systems integration, but on the down side she uses her skills to manipulate information on the web and get back at people she believes are marginalizing her. Still, writing music is her passion and she plays the piano every chance she gets. She is very traditional and longs to be accepted as a normal female with the same challenges and struggles as other women. She has never had sex with a man and doesn't really believe a straight man can love a trans woman.