Carl's Back Story

Carl is from Fort Riley Kansas, home of the 1st Infantry Division of the US military. Both his parents worked on the base, but neither were enlisted. One Summer his father finds him a job on the base as a janitor and he develops a childhood crush for one of the officer's daughters when she flirts with him. He feels like she lured him in and then unexpectedly turned on him; in any case, all he remembers is that he lost his job. Then, in High School he wanted to visit a foreign country (get out of Kansas) so he applied to AFS in the hopes of spending a semester abroad, but he wasn't accepted.

After High School, most of his classmates enrolled in the Army, but Carl had grown tired of all the meaningless discipline and applied to UCLA under the guise of the ROTC program. He meets Mark in college when they turn out to be roommates his freshman year. It was tough at first since they had nearly nothing in common, but they become close friends as Mark helps Carl with his studies and Carl helps Mark become more outgoing on campus.

Carl and April

Carl is straight and had never come across the LGBT community until he went to UCLA. Fortunately, Mark was able to get him past his initial culture shock and he's willing to work with anyone now, but there's still a sense of bewilderment and he keeps it out of his private life. In college, he always made it a point to tell people that he was straight and would get upset when people joked about "what his relationship with Mark really was".

Carl has tons of charisma and he now travels the country giving motivational seminars to veterans. He's best known for using interactive exercises to engage his participants. He drops in on Carl whenever he is in the Bay area, but he has grown tired of the road and knows that if he finds the right girl, he'll ask her to go back to Fort Riley with him, get married and settle down.