Denise's Back Story

Denise is an only child, the daughter of an Army base commander, she never knew her mother, but there was always a nanny or one of her father's friends to take care of her. She spent her childhood moving around the country from base to base and was known as the Colonel's little girl. She learned early in life how to manipulate men; as a result, she now finds it hard to trust them. She enjoys flirting and is easily flattered, but knows the destructive power of passion too. People call her a "trophy wife", but she really does not like the idea of being a kept woman. She lives for today and believes that everything always works out for the best.

Denise practicing politics

She's a spinning instructor at the local YMCA and sometimes participates in Mark's Yoga class. She's always had a man in her life, which she often complains about at the gym. Ron, her husband, is older than her and has been quite successful. They may not have a lot in common, but they both believe they were meant for each other and want to grow old together. He is generous and she's genuinely glad he came into her life, but their marriage has been going downhill and when she doesn't get attention at home she goes online to get back at him by teasing men with her promiscuous posts.

When Denise finds out her husband has been cross dressing she contacts Mark and goes to the gender identity center to try to salvage their marriage. Initially, she doesn't understand what being transgender is all about and sees April as misguided, self-indulgent and "in denial", but over time she realizes that April is sincere and may actually be able to help her communicate with her husband again or better yet, teach her how to "earn" the respect of others. Denise agrees to being a better friend and in the end we see her try to protect April from Carl and become a better person too.