Glenn Alsup

Glenn Alsup

Music and Lyrics: Glenn Alsup

Writing music has always been part of Glenn's life. He considers it a godsend, something you can always count on to express feelings that you find hard to talk about. Early on, he studied music at Marietta College and Peabody Conservatory. While in college he developed his passion for Jazz and Broadway show tunes as the house pianist on the Becky Thatcher Riverboat. After college, he toured with L.A.'s #1 80's band, "The Twisters" and one of Hollywood's most pretentious glam bands "Joshua". More recently, as a member of the beloved Central City Opera board of directors, he helped steer the organization to have a greater emphasis on American Music Theater.

Evan Duggan

Book: Evan Duggan

The more we plug into our devices, the more we disconnect from ourselves and each other. April feels like she can’t build a sincere relationship with another person. She has trouble finding honesty in her relationships, she can express herself fully through her piano. That’s why she has written this musical, to connect.