Evan Duggan

Director: Evan Duggan

Evan is a Denver based director, actor, playwright and comedian. Directing credits include A Christmas Show at The Voodoo Comedy Playhouse, Ronkin' it with de la Thwazz at the Roostercat Alley Stage, Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog at CU Boulder, and the upcoming film, Romeo and Julet in the Supermarket.

Tony Domenick

Tony Domenick

Music Director: Tony Domenick

Tony is a singer, trombonist, pianist, and composer who lives and works in Denver. His many jobs include: bass section leader at Augustana Lutheran Church, choir director at Venture Prep Charter School, playing piano for Gleeprov at the Bovine Metropolis Theatre, playing trombone with local band In Due Time, and writing, arranging, and playing musicals as often as possible. Tony is extremely proud to be a part of the creation and performance of What You See is What You Get.