Bar Scene Segues Rehearsal Material:

Here's a guide track for a six-minute segment of the first bar scene in WYSIWYG. There are a series of segues to get from the drinking game to the imaginary worlds found in each of the characters minds'. Here's the Libretto Extract for the Bar Scene Segues.

The guide track is for reference only. I'd like to find a theater company interested in providing the vocal tracks with any recitative for all the characters in this segment. Here's the Bar Scene Segues Sheet Music you'll need to learn the parts, but please refer to the Libretto for any recitative.

You can download the Bar Scene Segues rehearsal track or use SoundCloud account to access all the tracks. Once you have added your vocal parts, send us what you got. We'd love to hear from you!

Extra Credit: Add the Drinking Song before the Secret Emotions and Dreaming Again. There's lot of dialog, but it is so much fun!