Setting & Characters


Modern day, any time after the millennium, in some gritty city somewhere and on the internet. 

Smaller productions: Onstage is a piano, prominent but not a distraction. There are chairs, tables and small props as needed. 

Larger productions: Modern pit orchestra and/or soundtrack, complete set design, lighting and small props as needed.

NOTE: Projection screens can be used to display text messages of the characters smartphones.

Four Leads, Ensemble (Up to Eight)


Mark is known as a holistic therapist and has been taking care of his aging parents since he left college. He doesn't know much about the internet, but he has used the web for research on herbal medicine. Mark is a Yoga instructor at the YMCA and leads the GIC (Gender Identity Center) at the local LGBT Center. He's an idealist, naive and sees the good in everyone. He believes that no one should live their life defined by others and that every person can live a happy life.


Ana is a transgender woman who has given up on finding a meaningful relationship. She's empowered by the web because she feels it is the only place that people see her as a real woman. She thinks that people ridicule her for being a woman in the real world. She longs to be accepted as a normal female with the same sort of challenges and struggles as other women. She has never had sex with a man and doesn't believe a straight man can truly love a trans woman. 


Denise is a suburban housewife with marital issues, she goes online to get back at her husband and explore her sensual side. Their marriage has been going downhill and when she doesn't get what she wants at home she goes online and teases men with promiscuous posts.  She's a spinning instructor at the YMCA and sometimes participates in Mark's Yoga class. She goes to the Gender Identity Center when she finds out her husband is a cross dresser.


Carl, a single male who travels the country giving motivational seminars to veterans. He's lazy and drawn to the web because it's the best way to meet women as he travels the country.  He has tons of charisma and is best known for using interactive exercises to engage the participants of his group therapy sessions. He drops in on Carl whenever he is in the Bay area to relive the good old days, but has grown tired of the road and is looking  to settle down with his soul mate.